Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Pattern Day: Japanese Flower

Ik weet niet zeker wat een Japanse gehaakte bloem is, en of die anders zijn dan andere bloemen, maar als je zoekt op google vind je veel van dit soort bloemen hierboven. Deze heb ik zelf bedacht en het patroon vind je hieronder. Ik vind ze zelf het mooist in de zwart/wit-variant, maar om het verschil te laten zien zie je hieronder ook een paar foto's van de gekleurde variant. In mijn Flickr-album kun je meer foto's van Japanse bloemen zien. Wil je meer bloemetjes haken? Klik hier als je mijn gratis Ebook met bloemenpatroontjes wilt downloaden en kijk op deze pagina voor meer gratis patronen.

I'm not sure what a Japanese crochet flower is, and if they are different from other crochet flowers, but when you search google you find a lot of flowers like the one on the picture above. I designed this one myself and you can find the pattern below. I like the black/white-version most, but to show you the difference you can find a few versions with colours below. Would you like to make more flowers? Click here if you want to download my free Flower Pattern Ebook at LoveCrafts and check this page for more free patterns.

1. 4L (= 1L + 1ST)
2. 13ST in eerste losse.
- van kleur wisselen
3. HV in bovenkant van eerste 3L.
4. 1V, 2V in volgende. Herhaal tot je rond bent. (21V)
- van kleur wisselen
5. 21V.
6. HV in eerste van 21V.
7. 4L, 1V in volgende. Herhaal tot je rond bent, dan afhechten.

1. Chain 4 (counts as 1 chain and 1DC)
2. 13DC in first chain.
- change color here
3. 1SLST on top of the first DC
4. 1SC, 2SC in next stitch. Repeat all the way round. (21)
- change color here
5. 21SC.
6. 1SLST in the first SC.
7. Chain 4, 1SC in next stitch, Repeat all the way round. Finish off.


  1. Hi..nice flower
    'The Japanese Flower' a specific flower from a Japanese Crochet Book and there was a bit of a copyright whirlwind that over took the internet...lots of versions of this particular flower popped up that people thought to be the correct pattern and lots of other designs too
    Hope that helps with the Japanese bit...anything else is just a crochet flower

  2. Hi Suz! Thanks so much for explaining. I never knew that!

  3. Prachtig ♥

    THNX voor het delen :D

    Groetjes van Ivonne.

  4. Simple but beautiful...
    Have a nice week.

  5. Someday I must learn to do this. :) Thank you for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful. I know everyone will enjoy your post.

  6. These are wonderful little flowers, thanks too for sharing the instructions with us and for linking up with Eat, Grow, Sew!

  7. Dank je wel voor het delen van dit patroon! Het ziet er erg mooi uit in zwart/wit.

    lieve groet,
    wolatelier DiAn

  8. hello Annemarie,
    this is very cute, thanks a lot for the pattern.

  9. I love it - and what a cool BLOG - I'm so glad I found it today


    Creative Tail

  10. so sweet! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday.

  11. So pretty! Now if I can only remember how to crochet.

  12. These flowers are so sweet! I just love crochet. I'm pinning it so I can follow your pattern later. Thanks for linking up with Show and Share.

  13. so beautiful! i found you on Bee Friendly Friday. :)

  14. So beautiful! You are very talented! I need to learn how to crochet!! I would love to be able to make these! Thanks for linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Link Party every Saturday! We would love to have you come back tomorrow and link up some more amazing stuff! :)
    Camille @

  15. I featured you at Eat, Grow, Sew...pop on over and grab a button to show it off :)

  16. The Japanese flower that every one was talking about was shown here and was made very popular by this blog - attic 24. Here is a link so that you can see it.